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CANCELLED - Watercolor Explorations on Canvas Friday, July 31, 9:00 AM  
Linda Swindle $145   
This workshop is 6 hours.

Student Level: All levels
Type of Workshop: Process & Project
Prerequisite: None**
Workshop Category: Watercolor

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Painting with watercolor on canvas is life changing! No mat, no glass, no frame - and the best part, you can wash off your mistakes and start over! Who says watercolor is unforgiving?! We will practice spontaneous approaches to watercolor by having a sense of adventure and an open mind. Lots of water, splattering of paint, step by step instructions and demonstrations will give you confidence as you have fun and create paintings that you will be proud to hang on your wall. We will be trying some non-traditional methods using stamping, color sanding, and other textural elements. My goal is to provide an atmosphere where you can relax, have fun and learn by providing non-threatening exercises that will make you a better painter. We will paint one painting together, then if time allows, each student will paint one of their own choice. If you have no prior experience with drawing or painting, this class will be perfect for you. I can help you transfer your image to the canvas.

Kit/Materials Fee (payable to instructor at class time):

  • $55 includes:
  • Everything required for the workshop.If you will be supplying your own materials, please do let me know at least 3 weeks ahead of time via email at Jlranch1@yahoo.com.

Instructor Provided (for use in-class, and to share):

  • I will supply the canvases for all as they need to be primed ahead of time. We will be painting on approximately 11 X 14 canvases.

Student should bring:

  • If you will be supplying your own materials, please do let me know at least 3 weeks ahead of time.
  • Students will need to bring:
  • Professional quality watercolors - The list below includes some of my favorites but please do not feel that you have to go out and purchase these. If you already have some watercolors just bring them along. Winsor Newton:
  • Quinacridone Red
  • Aureolin (yellow)
  • Cobalt Blue
  • Hookers Green
  • Quinacridone Gold
  • Van Dyke Brown
  • Winsor Violet
  • Watercolor paper scraps, 140 lb. or a watercolor sketch book
  • Palette (a paper plate works)
  • Round brushes - 2 or 3 different sizes, nothing smaller than a 6
  • Piece of foam core or gatorboard no smaller than 16 X 12
  • Water container
  • Photos of images that you would like to paint. Florals, birds and landscapes would be good choices. Look for good light and good shadows. Please enlarge your photos to approximately 9 X 11.

Some workshops may require that you bring supplies or tools that you may not presently possess. If you'd like to place an advance order for jewelry supplies & tools for pick-up at the on-site Jewelry Supply store when you arrive at ARTU19, contact:

SJ Jewelry Supply LLC

Please note that SJ Jewelry Supply has an extensive selection of products but not all of them may appear on their website. If in doubt about the availability of any product, a simple phone call will get you the information that you desire.

Email your order to: info@sjjewelrysupply.com
call: 602-956-0189

Questions: Jlranch1@yahoo.com
Website: www.lswatercolor.com