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CANCELLED - The Travel Journal Wednesday, July 29, 9:00 AM  
Linda Swindle $145   
This workshop is 6 hours.

Student Level: All levels
Type of Workshop: Process & Project
Prerequisite: None**
Workshop Category: Mixed-Media, Watercolor

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There's something special and rewarding about recording our travel experiences in words and illustrations. When we take the time to really see and express what we see, those experiences are enhanced and forever etched into our memories. You have probably seen some beautiful journals created by skilled artists; those are amazing but that's not what we will be striving for in this workshop. When I travel, I am busy having FUN! I don't want to spend 3 hours on a page in my journal but I do want to record what I am seeing and feeling while in a specific location. We will attempt to complete a page in 15 minutes or less. We will play with watercolor, colored pencils, markers, various papers, gouache, photos, brochures, travel memorabilia, and found objects. We will practice with some simple drawing exercises to build your confidence and a brief lesson in watercolor to help you add some color to your journals. It is really all about playing and preserving your memories of your travels. IMPORTANT: Bring your travel photos, memorabilia, ticket stubs, brochures, articles, maps, etc.

Kit/Materials Fee (payable to instructor at class time):

  • $40 includes:
  • All materials required. If you choose to bring your own materials, please do let me know at least 3 weeks ahead via email at Jlranch1@yahoo.com.

Student should bring:

  • If you choose to bring your own materials, please do let me know at least 3 weeks ahead via email at Jlranch1@yahoo.com.
  • Watercolor Sketchbook with at least 90 lb watercolor paper. This is IMPORTANT! Lightweight paper just doesn’t hold up to watercolor. You choose whatever size works best for you. (or if you would rather, you can bring in sheets of watercolor torn or cut to a manageable size and make your own book when you get home.)
  • Small watercolor set - this can be one of those inexpensive children's sets
  • Inexpensive paintbrushes, one small, one larger
  • Colored pencils
  • Markers, a set with at least 8 colors
  • Fine tip black marker
  • Ruler or straight edge
  • Glue – stick, Elmers, etc
  • Scissors
  • Clear tape

Some workshops may require that you bring supplies or tools that you may not presently possess. If you'd like to place an advance order for jewelry supplies & tools for pick-up at the on-site Jewelry Supply store when you arrive at ARTU19, contact:

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Questions: Jlranch1@yahoo.com
Website: www.lswatercolor.com