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CANCELLED - Collage Techniques of Anne Marie Grgich Wednesday, July 29, 9:00 AM and
Thursday, July 30, 6:30 PM
Anne Marie Grgich $215   
This workshop is 9 hours.

Student Level: All levels
Type of Workshop: Process & Project
Prerequisite: None**
Workshop Category: Collage

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You will learn step by step the Grgich technique to use in your own art. She generously reveals her process refined from decades of painting obsessively detailed collages. Anne demonstrates mixed media elements of ornamentation, printing, drawing and painting. You will learn how to assemble overlays of collage and cutouts. Learn how she builds up color fields and uses subliminal tactics like overpainting collage with "glow in the dark" paint and achieves a deep transparent layering to enhance your own art making as you work simultaneously on two collages.

Some of Anne's techniques you will learn and do include: organize palettes of collage materials, lay down an "ice skating rink", learn the secret "chimera", utilize on-line sites to enhance your collage.

Incorporate Anne's creative approach and techniques to augment your skill set while creating two compelling mosaic-like collages filled with the complexity of a large face and/or a figure.

Instructor Provided (for use in-class, and to share):

  • The use of a printer and homework prep

Student should bring:

  • Heavy paper or wood suggested sizes: 8.50" x 11", 11" x 17", 24" x 24", or 36" x 60" as seen Here
  • Acrylics or inks or water color an array of non oil-based paints, glues and acrylic gels as seen Here
  • Brushes: one larger flat one to coat varnish, one for smaller tipped one for detail, and one to pull paint - Medium flat paint brush-fitch fan is my favorite. as seen Here
  • Several large Glue Sticks as seen Here
  • One or the other of "Dorlands" Acrylic Wax (Cold Wax) as seen Here
  • Beeswax Thrift store mini Crockpot and Old wide brush for beeswax as seen Here
  • Heat Gun as seen Here
  • Ink and rubber stamps embossing powder and heat gun for embossing as seen Here
  • 50 sheet pack Transparency Film Laser as seen Here
  • Paper-Roll of "Canson" Tracing Paper as seen Here
  • Large containers of one or more:
  • Gel Medium: as seen Here
  • Modge Podge" as seen Here
  • Clear Tar Gel: as seen Here
  • Scissors, exacto knife
  • Patterned Tissue
  • 20 sheets of 8.50 x 11" typing paper
  • Rags and Napkins


  • A grocery sack or large box of collage cutouts posters art books antique magazines. Small selection of black and white Images of patterns, anything with ornamentation, dolls, birds, fish, flowers, machines, butterflies, or anything you want to incorporate-a few prints, or images burned onto a CD to print from your printer, whatever you like will work best with you. Strange elegant imagery from which to build magical worlds. Napkins with patterns and images. I like to shop at recycled art supplies stores, like Scrap and ReCreative. Thrift stores and estate sales are great for gathering ephemera, also asking around for old books and magazines and the Trash Nothing project: as seen Here offers free items to scour for bric a brac and Buy Nothing Project (to ask) in your neighborhood: as seen Here I have got numerous free collage and art making materials..
  • Amass collage by collect print-outs from internet searches. Sort it out and the parts become powerful tools and parts of your visual language. Scout out cheap art books, magazines, bric a brac, old letters, cards, pictures, prints and posters. Try to find multiples of one book, lay books together and tear pages in tandem to keep pages in sets. Thinner paper that always works best for collage. If you can buy an edition of a series of art books or magazines, ink colors will be similar.

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Questions: annemariegrgich@gmail.com
Website: www.annegrgich.com