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Transferring Memories Wednesday, July 29, 9:00 AM  
Cindy Kovack $145   
This workshop is 6 hours.

Student Level: Beginner
Type of Workshop: Process & Project
Prerequisite: None**
Workshop Category: Acrylic Painting, Transfers

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I have a lot of original photographs from my family that I wanted to transfer into an art piece. I decided to transfer these pictures into a small book and make it a permanent photo album in honor of my mother and family. We will add inspirational quotes to the pages, along with stories of loved ones passed down from generation to generation alongside photos of those who has gone before us. In this workshop you will learn to transfer photographs without damage to the original, color washing backgrounds, sealing paper to create a flat surface, paint and medium application, addition of dried elements and collage materials, and swiping a page with gesso for print. Beginning students will learn a cohesive flow in their material applications, along with coordinating color use in their art, and completion of an art piece as-a-whole. Seasoned artists will pick up new tricks in the efficient way to copy and transfer an original photo with ease, along with background blocking of a transparency, shortcuts in creating background techniques, and use of mediums to assist in creative renderings. This art piece was featured in Somerset Studio Magazine, Spring 2018.

Kit/Materials Fee (payable to instructor at class time):

  • $10 includes:
  • water carriers
  • paper towels
  • additional paint brushes
  • Contact Paper
  • watercolor palettes
  • acrylic paint
  • paint palette
  • Ultimate Glue
  • toothpicks
  • white gesso
  • doilies
  • collage materials to include but not limited to:decorative papers and verbiage, doilies, buttons, embroidery thread, rusted screen, rusted ticking fabric, vintage music paper, decorative edge scissors, dried/pressed flowers, leaves & ferns, decorative tape, texturing tools, brayers, stencils, Cut-n-Dry, wax pop-up sheet

Student should bring:

  • Synthetic brushes: #8 round, 1/4" flat, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Michaels
  • 5" x 7" approximate size, vintage book
  • Golden Soft Gel Medium, Matte, 8 oz, www.jerrysarterama.com
  • Watercolor Ground, white, any brand - www.jerrysarterama.com
  • Ranger Vintage Photo Stamp Pad, or a brown stamp pad - Hobby Lobby, Michaels
  • Permanent fine point Sharpie, black


  • Several sheets of laser copy pictures of your loved ones you would like to use in your book. These pictures should be printed on a laser printer, not ink jet. Staples, Office Max, etc. will have these printers in black and white or color. I will have many sheets of antique photos in black and white for your use.

Some workshops may require that you bring supplies or tools that you may not presently possess. If you'd like to place an advance order for jewelry supplies & tools for pick-up at the on-site Jewelry Supply store when you arrive at ARTU19, contact:

SJ Jewelry Supply LLC

Please note that SJ Jewelry Supply has an extensive selection of products but not all of them may appear on their website. If in doubt about the availability of any product, a simple phone call will get you the information that you desire.

Email your order to: info@sjjewelrysupply.com
call: 602-956-0189

Questions: ckovack@outlook.com
Website: www.cindykovack.com