Judy Hudson

Judy Hudson is a retired High School Art Educator who now pursues art as a full-time profession in festivals and shows, online, and through workshops and classes.

Teaching new skills and motivating others is an important part of her artistic journey. It is her belief that EVERYONE has the power to become creative, in some manner, with encouragement and positive reinforcement.

Judy also stresses the healing power of art, using her own life as an example. Hearing loss brought an end to her career in music and she believes discovering her artistic talent saved her from a future of despair and frustration.

Creating an atmosphere of cheerfulness, laughter, and self-discovery is her way of giving back the happiness she has found through art. Judy welcomes the opportunity to share her knowledge to help others find the same artistic joy.

Questions? judy@judyhudsonart.com
Website: www.judyhudsonart.com