Olivia Thomas

"...it was a dark and stormy night..." Oh wait... that's another story. This one starts out near Pittsburgh, PA. The only child of a steel corporation supervisor and a housewife, I started my life in a blessed environment. Art has always been a part of my life. My father was an amateur cartoonist and illustrator, so I spent many nights at his drafting table, coloring along. My grandmother helped me create my first hand-stitched doll dress, and the muse was unleashed. Variations of that design appear in my work today. Noticing my interest, my parents presented me with a sewing machine for my 13th birthday. I immediately set about creating my own wardrobe, and that of my Barbie dolls as well... this eventually led to design school.

My life has taken many paths - freelance designer, tailor, collage and mixed media artist. I still do what I love, and continue to explore creative paths. My collage and mixed media work has appeared in many magazine publications and books.

I currently live in Phoenix, Arizona. My life is still blessed...

Questions? oliverose@q.com
Website: www.oliverose.com