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A Waxed and Painterly Book Friday, August 4, 9:00 AM and
Saturday, August 5, 12:00 PM
Lisa Renner $215  
This workshop is 9 hours.

Student Level: All levels **
Type of Workshop: Process & Project
Prerequisite: None
Workshop Category: Book-binding, Collage, Encaustic, Mixed-Media

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This class is designed for those who love the process of artistic book-making while exploring techniques that allow you to experience the joy of working with color, paper and wax.

In this day and a half workshop you will make a 6" x8" artist book with hand-sewn signatures, wax-collaged covers, "bling" accents, and a fabric spine, choosing from beautiful printed fabrics or a solid black onto which you can stamp designs. Add a beaded (or plain) trim and you will take home your masterpiece! If you have worked with wax you will enjoy this process of combining its qualities with bookmaking. If you haven't, well then you are in for a real treat! Not only is wax is the perfect "glue" to adhere gorgeous images and papers to a substrate-wax can also be dripped or splattered on the surface for textural interest; images can be transferred to the surface; it can be colored with chalk; rub-ons can be applied; lines and shapes can be carved; it can be marked on with foils and graphite, and the list goes on! In addition to wax being an efficient method for collage, it provides a surface texture that is velvety and irresistibly touchable- the bonus being a luminous glow not achievable with other mediums. With its crisp blank pages this will be the perfect book to take to all your workshops for recording your class notes, memos, etc., or to use as your personal sketchbook or journal. It's also visual eye-candy to display!

The first part of class will be devoted to creating collage renderings to be used for your two encaustic paintings (book covers). You will dye your own lightweight papers to surround a focal image with subtle layers and textures. You'll then take it to the next level using wax, metallic powders, chalk and other materials to make a rich and artsy statement for your book covers. On day two, our half-day will be devoted to book construction, sewing signatures and embellishing using jewels, rhinestones and fancy trims!

If you enjoy a lively, fast-pace workshop that's technique-based and results in a completed project, please join me for this very creative process!!

** (From Student Level) All Students with or without bookbinding experience will be able to explore an artistic approach to constructing a book from scratch, including sewing signatures with a simple stitch. More practiced bookbinders will enjoy the artistic freedom of using wax collage to create unique and beautiful encaustic paintings to use for book covers.

Kit/Materials Fee (payable to instructor at class time):

  • $25.00 includes:
  • Detailed handout
  • all book components (cover boards, tape, spine board, end papers, signature pages, sewing jig, needle and thread, fabric to cover spine of book, decorative beads for spine)
  • focal images for covers
  • encaustic medium (wax)
  • tissue paper
  • rusted paper bits
  • beaded or braided trim
  • use of all materials and equipment provided by teacher

Instructor Provided (for use in-class, and to share):

  • All book components
  • shared encaustic irons
  • clear wax and medium
  • oil pastel crayons
  • metallic powders
  • spray dyes for coloring paper towels and tissue
  • rusted paper bits
  • dress patterns
  • decorative napkins and tissue paper
  • plain tissue paper to dye
  • a selection female faces (Renaissance, 15th century) copied in black and white to choose from for focal image for your book covers
  • acrylic paint
  • paint brushes
  • rubber stamps
  • graphite paper
  • foils
  • glitter
  • chalk
  • images for transferring
  • Rub-Ons
  • bleach to bleach end-papers
  • heavy white glue
  • rhinestones and metal components to optionally add to cover
  • Dremel
  • clips for holding signatures
  • craft sticks for applying glue to spine

Student should bring:

  • Thin awl or needle tool for making holes in signatures
  • chain-nose pliers
  • scissors
  • small container to fill with water for cleaning your brush
  • small bottle of liquid matte medium like Mod Podge Matte or Liquitex for attaching end-papers
  • a pad of newsprint paper to work on
  • a roll of plain (no printed design) paper towels


  • Your own focal imagery copied onto 20 lb. paper using laser printer (I will have some black and white copies of Renaissance faces for you to choose from but if you have something special such as family photos, or other art imagery you'd like to use, please do so)
  • gloves
  • apron

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