Wax and Fiber: An Encaustic Adventure

Sunday Evening
  Bridget Benton 6:30 - 9:30    

Student Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Type of Workshop: Technique


Over the past year, I have begun incorporating fabric and images on fabric into my encaustic painting – and I’m excited to share some of the possibilities of this technique with you! As a collage material, fabric in wax is more durable than paper, and can provide marvelous sculptural and textural possibilities. I’ll start with the basics of painting with encaustic medium and encaustic paints – pigments, priming, fusing, scraping, and incising. Then I’ll cover simple techniques for transferring images to fabric that are compatible with wax – as well as ways of embellishing the images before and after they get in the wax. We’ll experiment with the effect we get from different types of fabrics, and different types of images. We’ll also use thread and other fibers to create design elements in the painting.

Kit Fee of $15 payable to Instructor at class time includes:
Two boards (sizes to be determined)
Xylene transfer pen

Supplies Provided by Instructor for student's use in class:
Encaustic medium and paints
Heating elements
Embossing guns
Wax irons
Embossing tools
Transfer boards
Fabric dyes
Wax palettes
Scraping and incising tools.

Supply List:
Craft knife
Cutting mat
Black and white high-contrast photocopies (ink jet prints will not work; copies of line art
work best)
Small stiff brushes for fabric

Pre-printed fabric
- Set of tools for incising and scraping – Instructor will have some to share (inexpensive tools for working with clay, linoleum, and wood work well).
- Embossing gun and/or wax iron, Instructor will have some to share please note that we may be limited in their use by the power supply

Questions? Email Bridget at sparky@eyesaflame.com
Website: http://www.eyesaflame.com
Blog: http://www.eyesaflame.blogspot.com




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