Workshop Runway: Reconstructed, Upcycled, and Wearable!

Thursday 9:00 - 4:30 $145  
  Lorri Scott    

Student Level:
Type of Workshop: Process and Project



I am so excited to have come up with a simple and easy design of reconstructing button down shirts that anyone interested in clothing design can accomplish! Really!

Each designer will be given the challenge to take 3-5 shirts and reconstruct them into a fun and arty new one. Basic sewing skills are helpful but not necessary. I will show various samples and designs of how to recreate your garment. Pattern ideas and information will be given to each student about how to cut your shirt so it becomes a style that fits and flatters each individual. This is an exercise to give you confidence to cut existing garments and just go for it and “make it work”! Each designer will get individual time with me just as Tim Gunn gives on that TV program! If you have created your shirt before the class time is over you can further embellish with items you bring or ones I (the instructor) have available. Or you can work on a second shirt. Plan to model your garment (or have someone model it for you) at the “Manager’s Reception” happy hour at the end of the day of the workshop.

One All of you will be the winner of Workshop Runway. Our prizes are: The chance to walk the runway with a famous emcee (aka Michael DeMeng), a certificate of completion, and a fashion spread on my blog! (sorry no cars, money, or technology.)

We will have a group challenge ala Project Runway (the TV program) that will be announced the day of the class (no worries, it’s easy!). The garment constructed by the group will be auctioned off at the runway show and the money raised will be given to the AU charity.

See you on the runway!

Kit Fee: Optional fee if you need extra items - extra shirts for your use if needed @ $4.00 each (my cost), optional embellishment kits which will include lace, buttons, etc. for a small fee and some free stuff.

Instructor will provide:

  • sewing machines to share
  • ironing stations
  • garment racks
  • hangers

Students should bring:

  • Scissors
  • Pinking Shears (if you have them)
  • Tape measure
  • Straight pins and pincushion
  • Dritz disappearing ink marker
  • 15-18” straight edge ruler ,a strip of poster board works or a yard stick.
  • Sewing needles and small spool of quilting thread to use if hand stitching
  • Sewing machine if you can bring one
  • 3-5 button down shirts - One that fits you (or person who will wear shirt) as the base shirt, can be sleeveless, short sleeved, etc. but needs to button up the front. Other shirts to coordinate with base shirt need to be long sleeved, button down shirts. Think big shirts (more fabric on them), they can be men’s. You can find decent shirts to upcycle at thrift stores or yard sales. Think about shirt weight and how it will drape as a skirt. I prefer to use natural fibers. We will cut the coordinating shirts to use parts of to add onto the base shirt so don’t have the shirt fabrics too heavy for the base shirt, i.e. you wouldn’t want to add denim to a silk top.


  • buttons
  • laces
  • trims
  • flounces
  • doilies
  • embroidery thread and needles
  • any embellishments you might want to add to your finished shirt
  • Please bring a sewing machine if able.


Questions? Email Lorrie at