Cold Enamel: Color on Metal

Sunday 9:00 - 4:30 $145  
  Susan Lenart Kazmer      

Student Level:
Type of Workshop: Process and Project



Explore this exciting new medium in the jewelry arts. Hot enameling is a process of melting transparent or opaque glass color onto metal, whereas, Cold Enameling in its own artform is done by first applying color to your metal and then sealing it with a glass like substance. My glass like substance is a jewelers grade super clear resin. Every step of the process in cold enameling is done without heat. Using cold enameling techniques you can work in layers adding text, images, texture, photo transfers, glitters and lots of color to build onto your metalwork and create dimensional and beautiful finished pieces. If you are a color lover in jewelry, cold enameling is a wonderful way to bring excitement into your work.

Also, color will be derived from a variety of techniques including enamel paint, paper, permanent ink, caulk transfers, photo transfers, rub ons, oil pastels, crackle enamel, traditional patinas and more.

Kit fee of $25 payable to Instructor at class time includes:

  • paints
  • resin
  • bronze sheet metal
  • bezels
  • bronze wire
  • sandpaper
  • expendables

Students should bring:

  • bench pin
  • jewelers saw
  • size 03 blade (or similar) (or metal shears)
  • wire snips
  • chain nose pliers
  • needle nose pliers
  • anvil
  • vise
  • metal file
  • awl
  • center punch


  • drill and 1/16 bit
  • wood piece to drill into


Questions? Email Susan at