Tuesday - July 30
Wednesday - July 31
Thursday - August 1st
Friday - August 2nd
Saturday - August 3rd

Sunday - August 4th
Monday - August5th
Tuesday - August 6th

One workshop will be held at the each day at The Office Park (one block away). Free shuttle service will be provided to and from the Embassy Suites for classtime and at lunchtime. Vans leave as needed - check with front desk. Daytime workshops begin at 9 am, break for lunch from 12 to 1:30 and resume at 1:30 until 4:30. Evening workshops are 6:00 to 9:00 pm. On-site store will be open daily throughout the event. Information TBA.

Art Unraveled 2013

Register early to avoid filled workshops!
Mailed registrations must reach us by July 26th. Walk-in registrations
will be accepted beginning at 7 p.m., July 29th at Meet the Artists and daily, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. throughout the event.

** Register prior to July 1 to receive a tote bag; those who register July 1 or after will receive tote bag while quantities last. **

Monday July 29 - 7 to 9 pm
Meet the Artists
Tuesday 9 - 12
  Jane Eileen
Tuesday 1:30 - 4:30
  Jane Eileen
Tuesday 9 - 4:30 and Wednesday 6 - 9
Copper Journal 1 seat remains
Thomas Ashman
Tuesday  9 - 4:30
Seth Apter
Face the Layers 4 seats remain
Cory Celaya
  Jen Cushman
  Ingrid Dijkers
  Claudine Hellmuth
  JoAnnA Pierotti
  Lesley Riley
  Richard Salley
  Jill Timm
Tuesday Eve 6 - 9
  Tangie Baxter
  Patrick & Maya Murillo with Kathy Cano Murillo
  Kelly Kilmer
  Laurie Mika
Get Pinned 3 seats remain
Olivia Thomas
  Bett York
Wednesday 9 - 4:30 and Thursday 6 - 9
  Leighanna Light
Wednesday  9 - 4:30
  Mixed Media Dossier 4 seats remain Seth Apter
  On a Wing 2 seats remain Diane Cook
  Aventures in Color 2 seats remain Claudine Hellmuth
  Farmers Market Sktchng/Wtrclr Jrnl Style Filled Jane LaFazio
  Zentangle Unraveled®: Tangled Journal 5 seats remain Jane Eileen
  Soldering for Dummies 1 seat remains Thomas Mann
  Embedded Heart Shrine Filled Laurie Mika
  Encaustic Wax Collage 4 seats remain Crystal Neubauer
  Fire and Ice Filled Richard Salley
  Amazing Dremel - Soft Surfaces Jill Timm
  Wednesday 6 - 9 and Thursday 9 - 4:30  
  Ruffled Viking Knit Choker 5 seats remain Diane Cook
Wednesday Eve 6 - 9
  Copper Journal, cont. 1 seat remains Thomas Ashman
  Unleaded Graphite Liquid Fuel Filled Pam Carriker
  Hand Book 4 seats remain Ingrid Dijkers
  Monster Mash Donne Goldstein
  It's All in the Details Kelly Kilmer
  Mixed Media Cards Lesley Riley
Thursday 9 - 4:30 and Friday 6 - 9
  The Ultimate Art Journal Filled Thomas Ashman
  Virgins Saints and Angels Filled Laurie Mika
Thursday  9 - 4:30
  Thermo-Facts: Mixing Media/ ThermoFax 2 seats remain Pam Carriker
  Ruffled Viking Knit Choker, cont. 5 seats remain Diane Cook
  Into the Crypt 1 seat remains Ingrid Dijkers
  Collage Discovery Claudine Hellmuth
  Free Spirited Free Motion 4 seats remain Jane LaFazio
  Resin Alchemy Filled Susan Lenart Kazmer
  Plexiglas and Wax Collage Filled Crystal Neubauer
  Layered Lush Canvas Held off-site Roxanne Padgett
  Double Hinge Bracelet FILLED Richard Salley
  Workshop Runway 1 seat remains Lorri Scott
  Perfectly Imperfect, Artful You 4 seats remain Joanne Sharpe
  Workshop Runway students model their creations - join us at 5:30 in the lounge for the Manager's Reception  
Thursday Eve 6 - 9
  Text Tiles 5 seats remain Seth Apter
  About Face Clarissa Callesen
  Fundamentals of Texture Kelly Kilmer
  Beyond the Vintage Metal Deck, cont. Leighanna Light
  Thomas Mann
  Mixed Media Cards, cont. Lesley Riley
  Woven Silk Prayer Pouch Laura Ryan
Friday  9 - 4:30 and Saturday 12 - 3
  The Talisman Wizard 2 seats remain Lisa Renner
  Friday 9 - 4:30  
  New and Shiny to Old and Cool Clarissa Callesen
  The Real hUE FIlled Pam Carriker
  Gilding with Solder FIlled Diane Cook
  Teeny Tiny Shriney Michael deMeng
  Once Upon a Layer 2 seats remain Pamela Huntington
  Text and Textiles Filled Jane LaFazio
  Faux Etching 3 seats remain Leighanna Light
  Containers to Wear 1 seat remains Thomas Mann
  Collection or Obsession Roxanne Padgett
  Collage and Crochet Collide 6 seats remain Lisa Pavelka
  Artful ABCs Technique Tag Book 4 seats remain Joanne Sharpe
Friday Eve 6 - 9
  The Ultimate Art Journal, cont. Filled Thomas Ashman
  The Bee Book Filled Ingrid Dijkers
  Whimsical Flight 3 seats remain Cindy Kovack
  Virgins Saints and Angels, cont. Filled Laurie Mika
  Friday Eve 7 - 10  
  Grafitti Style Portrait Stencil Kathy Cano Murillo
  Saturday 10 - 4 Shopping Extravaganza  
Saturday 12-2:30
  Cool Cuffed Connection 1 seat remains Kieu Pham Gray
  Saturday 12 - 3  
  The Talisman Wizard, cont. 2 seats remain Lisa Renner
Saturday 3 - 6
  On the Surface Kieu Pham Gray
  Saturday 12 - 6  
  Roadmap to Collage 5 seats remain Sandra Duran Wilson
  Wanderlust 2 seats remain Kelly Kilmer
  Dina Wakley
  Saturday - 7 p.m. Details of Soiree TBA  
Sunday  9 - 4:30
  The Wire Figure Filled Tory Brokenshire
  Bricologe Clarissa Callesen
  Inside Out Reverse Collage Chris Cozen
  Vehicular Varmints 4 seats remain Michael deMeng
  Waxless Encaustic Acrylic FX Filled Sandra Duran Wilson
  Sweetheart Album and Box 3 seats remain Pamela Huntington
  Cultivating Creativity Journal Fodder Junkies
  Cold Enamel - Color on Metal Filled Susan Lenart Kazmer
  Calder in the Kitchen - description updated 6/21 Thomas Mann
  Exquisite Enigmas Andrea Matus
  Black White and Color Journal 3 seats remain Kari McKnight-Holbrook
  Pop-Up Delights Mary Ellen Palmeri
Sunday Eve 6 - 9
  My Precious Impressions 5 seats remain Kieu Pham Gray
  Felt It Cindy Kovack
  Resin Paper Wire Forms 5 seats remain Deryn Mentock
  Dancing Sentiments 2 seats remain Lisa Pavelka
  Heavy Metal Laura Ryan
  Painted Paper Party Filled Mary Beth Shaw
Monday 9 - 4:30
  Demystifying the Magic - Patinas 5 seats remain April Bower
  Saints Preserve Us Filled Tory Brokenshire
  Creative Values 3 seats remain Lisa Cheney-Jorgensen
  Good Brushes Gone Bad Michael deMeng
  Something Special: The White Pages 5 seats remain Jane Eileen
  Facing Doubts Journal Fodder Junkies
  The Cutting Edge - Art Mechanique Susan Lenart Kazmer
  Marquis de Scroll Filled Andrea Matus
  Bloom Bangles 4 seats remain Deryn Mentock
  Compose Yourself Mary Beth Shaw
  Monday 1:30 - 4:30  
  Textured Circles Jen Cushman
  Monday Eve 6 - 9 and Tuesday 9 - 4:30  
  Dolly's Makeover JoAnnA Pierotti
Monday Eve 6 - 9
  No More Mud Chris Cozen
  Keepsake Vessels Kieu Pham Gray
  Color My World Cindy Kovack
  Vivacious Vials Kari McKnight-Holbrook
  Frozen in Time Lisa Pavelka
Tuesday  9 - 4:30
  As If By Magic Tangie Baxter
  Fold Forming Fun 1 seat remains April Bower
  Story Tellers 3 seats remain Tory Brokenshire
  A Visual Journey 1 seat remains Lisa Cheney-Jorgensen
  Floating Layers 6 seats remain Chris Cozen
  Va Va Vintage Vessels Kari McKnight-Holbrook
  Hoop-La Deryn Mentock
  Dolly's Makeover, cont. JoAnnA Pierotti
  Shape Shifters Mary Beth Shaw
  Paper Sculpture with Bett - Just Plain Fun Bett York
  Tuesday 1:30 - 4:30  
  Free Form Jewelry Jen Cushman